Our Company

At The RainStore Ireland we are committed to providing usable rainwater to the domestic, commercial and farming sectors by providing a state of the art rainwater harvesting system. We make it easy to filter rainwater to the highest standard to make it safe to use in any setting, from washing your clothes to drinking water.

Our Product

Our RainStore system will harvest, store and pump rainwater throughout your property. Each system is made bespoke to cater to every customers requirements to ensure full scope of needs are met. We offer a complete maintenance service also, as well as replacements parts to ensure your harvesting system is running effectively at all times.

Why choose our product?

  1. Professionally manufactured to the highest degree
  2. Priduces water to a drinkable standard
  3. Custom made to the needs of your property
  4. Track your rain water usage
  5. Complete unit - only one purchase needed!





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