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Annual rainfall in Ireland:

In Ireland, it will rain anywhere between 150 and 225 days every year. According to Met √Čireann, the eastern half of the country gets between 750mm and 1,000mm of rainfall per year, with the west of Ireland experiencing between 1,000mm and and 1,400mm annually. So why not make the most of this and save money on your water bills!
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Average water consumption per person:

Each person in Ireland consumes, on average, 150 litres if water per ay, or 55,000 litres per year! The average 3 person household will consume just shy of 140, 000 litres of water per year. Implementing a rainwater harvesting system like The RainStore Ireland could help you ensure you avoid daunting water bills. 


Five Tips to help you save water and reduce your water bills!


Our vision here at The Rainstore Ireland is to help people save money on their water bills by harvesting rainwater. We are committed to offering a superior system - providing safe, chemical free water which benefits our customer's environmental footprnt, as well as their pockets! 

The RainStore Ireland

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